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It’s describe us perfectly for Barracudas, Sharks, Tuna, Giant Trevally, lots of Sea Turtle, Jack Fish, Manta’s , Eagle Ray. It’s not only just ordinary White Tip but also Grey Reef Shark, Leopard Shark, Nurse Shark, Whale Shark and our favourite, the georgeous Tresher Shark and Hammerhead often seen when the season is right. The famous diving points in here, such as Channel, Big Fish Country and many more. Well, if those sharks are not into you, then you must see our schooling of Barracuda, something that you must see to believe it.

Beside those big thing, our Underwater Cave’s is waiting under the sea to be explored by adrenaline junkies. One of its home of the nurse shark, opernly wide on 42 meters deep. Yes! this is purely for those who need more than just diving.

Just because we have a lot of biggies, we do have Pigmy Horse, Nudie’s, colourful Flat Worm, Spanish Dancer, Ghost Pipe Fish, lots of colourful Crabs and Shrimps and not to mention lots of colourful Crinoid too.

This is Maratua a place that big fishes and tiny creature hang out in the same spot.



The Barracuda Point where the steep wall and current bring large plegics see the White Tip Shark, Leopard Shark and sometimes Hammerhead Shark, schooling Barracuda and Jack Fish oftenly seen too. During Saftey Stop you might sometimes see the Baby White Tip Shark. For only experienced advance cave divers The Blue Light Cave might be a choice, a deep cave with narrow chimney the cave connect the outside seawater with the lake inside the island with 120 meters longs.



See the beauty of Manta’s , Stingrays and Leopard Shark, and the gigantic stone and coral. The popular diving points in this area include Manta Run, Manta Parade, Coral Gardens and many more. Sanglaki is also known for the sea-turtle conservation area where turtles lay eggs.



This is the lesser known side most tourists miss. Scour a total unexplored reefs will be an amazing thing ever. The incredible 30m wall with huge fan corals greet you here. An easy slope follows where on single coral blocks macro creatures can be watched. Don’t forget to look into the blue from time to time, sharks or dolphins like to pass by here!


Ever wondering swim with whale shark, the gentle giants that swim very calmly? This will be your fantasy come true, when you’re swimming alongside a real whale shark, and you actually doing this bizarre things at Talisayan.

Your whale shark experience at the Talisayan will be exciting, relaxing, and above all, memorable. Whale sharks swim very slowly at the surface, allowing snorkelers on excursion to keep pace with them.

So, don’t just prepare your hook (which you definitely will need this in Maratua), but bring your camera and be prepared to see from gigantic to only few centimeters colourful creature that will wow your eyes.