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You may use our canoe facilities to explore from our North to South side of Noah Maratua Resort.


Seat in the beanbag and read one of your favourite books in the afternoon with a cup of tea with a sea view. You couldn’t ask more than that! or, after the tiring day of diving or even island hopping you may contact our staff if there any available traditional massage provided by the local’s.


located in Maratua island with plenty of thick forest makes Maratua become a home of the birds. For bird photographers you may explore the forest with a help and assist from our staff.


The sunbed area available near the restaurant area, room in North Villa. or even if you want it to be in the place with more of the striking sun, you could always ask a help from our staff to move the sunbed into the jetty in the North side of Noah.


Fishing maybe restricted in some area. But if you are a group of fishing or maybe you only want to feel the excitement of fishing. Our staff will be glad to help and bring you to the area where you could go fishing and of course, get the big fish! (charges may apply)


Ever wish you could roll out of bed and head straight into the sea to swim with the giant whale-shark? Yes, we also serve snorkeling, the best thing you ever decide in your time here, where the underwater attractions are so close by.


feel you might want to travel outside our Resort. Just ask our staff to bring you to Gusung Pasir with “Dompeng” or wooden ship where you could take a walk in its white sandy beaches and take some pictures. Gusung pasir can be visit during 12-4pm (no additional charge require)